Friday, March 26, 2010

Photographed at the Happy Hours?

Photographed at the Happy Hours?

There's the trick! Especially when the crowd is photographed needs not just come from you alone. In other words, many people are lining up to take her picture. The following strategies:


Determine the objects deftly shooting them stand out from the crowd, especially those that describe people or characteristic of the crowd, so it can be potert excellence and certainty that you make.


Or, you can also select the camera shooting the object having the force of color and expression of diverse or interesting. For example, aiming at the festive costume party, choose the color of the most outstanding costume, or a facial expression of the wearer's costume.

Proper Light

Next, you should be able to determine the angle of the image that fits and has a lighting levels in accordance with the image you want to provoke. For the backlight can be dramatic or reinforce the image.

Wait and be Ready!

Finally, you just have to wait for the right moment yan. when there are elements that emerged and clashed, facial expressions, smiles, cast, background, attractions, and others, after everything is ready ..

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